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Dufour 390

New hull design – wink to Exclusive range

The 390 Grand Large presents the next generation of Dufour Grand Large hulls.

The signature of Umberto Felci, with the recent innovations inspired from the Dufour Exclusive range, is distinguished by the bulwarks

integration and the magnificent hull recess.

Furthermore, the important front volume and modern aft shines lines make this hull more spacious and performant

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Hull development

The research that is at the base of the new Dufour 390 Grand Large hull has led to optimizing the ratio between the maximum navigation efficiency and the need to offer ever greater and better exploitable interior volumes.

The new hull, wide and flat, which finds its maximum expression downwind, is however very performing even upwind, thanks above all to the new “stern to bow” hull volumes development.

New deck design - complete modernization

The new deck design is a prowess of balance between stunning aesthetic, correct dimension of each area and ingeniosity to integrate new functions. 

The roof proportions have evolved in comparison with Grand Large predecessors and now offer more interior space while conserving pleasant sidedeck width, as distinction value of Dufour sail yachts.

Exterior equipment - increasing standard

The D390 shows a consistent evolution of her standard equipments.

Among the novelties, we distinguish the elegant pod consoles, the sublime ladder integrated in the aft platform, the double batten companion way and the led dressing all around the deck.


Overall length

11.94 m

Waterline length

10.50 m

Hull length

11.19 m

Max beam

3.99 m

Light displacement

7700 kg


1.95 m (1.75 m opt.)

Keel weight

2100 kg

Fuel tank capacity

200 L

Water tank capacity

380 L

Engine power

30 cv (40 cv opt.)

Sail area

66.5 m²


36.6 m²


29.9 m²