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Spring Launch

Whether you choose to store inside or outside, our professionals will ensure your investment is protected.

Spring Launch

It's time to get ready and prepped to be out on the water.

Please fill out the form below and submit it to us. We will contact you to follow up on scheduling.

Please note that the Port Whitby Marina allows for a 4 day transient dockage at no charge. Anything over 4 days will be charged at Marina rates. Services are always weather dependent.

Terms and Conditions

1. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are for labour only – parts are charged separately.
2. Prices are subject to change.
3. All work orders are due and payable immediately upon completion of the specified work.
4. Customer accounts must be in good standing before the commencement of any work.
5. Swans Yacht Sales requires payment of all outstanding balances prior to launch.
6. Interest will be charged at 2% per month on all outstanding invoices.
7. It is understood and agreed by the customer, their agents, heirs and executors that Swans Yachts Sales Limited will have legal rights under the Repair and Storage Liens Act, R.S.O. 1990, for all work performed on the vessel.

8.  The vessel must be insured by the owner for the duration of the storage period.

9.  Your personal information will be only used in the normal course of business operations and will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned or otherwise disclosed without your permission.