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Dufour 530


When the legendary Dufour Performance and Grand Large ranges come together as one. The ultimate merger of two worlds has created a sailboat with incomparable characteristics.

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There are dozens of details to think about when selecting your new Dufour Yacht and hundreds of options.

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An outstanding sailing yacht that pushes the boundaries of innovation

The Dufour 530 is a vibrant reflection of our extensive know- how. Developed on the architectural premise of the Performance range, its authentic racer hull has been designed with exhilaration in mind.


Comfort is key when cruising so we have combined the main Grand Large features with an open, secure, fully equipped deck.

And to top it off, breathtaking innovations too. Three completely distinct manoeuvring layouts, a cockpit with all-new features, a revolutionary bimini concept and beautiful aesthetics.

A spacious, elegant sailboat finished down to the last detail. The ultimate distinction.



  • Architect : Felci Yacht Design
  • Year : 2020
  • Hull construction : Fiberglass / contact
  • Deck construction : Injection

Technical specifications

Overall length

16.35 m

Waterline length

14.97 m

Hull length

15.50 m

Max beam

4.99 m

Light displacement

17 774 kg


2.30 m / 1.95 m / 2.80 m

Keel weight

4700 kg / 4800 kg / 4600 kg

Fuel tank capacity

440 L

Water tank capacity

680 L

Engine power

75 hp (opt. 110 hp)

Sail area

119 m2 (main + jib)


70 m2