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Dufour Yachts

Dufour Yachts

Michel Dufour, an engineer and sailing enthusiast from La Rochelle, decided to set up his own shipyard back in 1964.

Specialising in the design and sale of French yachts for over 50 years, Dufour Yachts has established a reputation as a leading company in its field.


Dufour 61

Once more, Dufour combines comfort with performance in the design of the new 61. The result is pure harmony to enhance your incomparable sailing experience.

Dufour 56

The flagship of the new Exclusive range, the Dufour Exclusive 56 is synonymous with luxury and comfort.

Dufour 530

Heir to the comfort, elegance and expertise of the legendary Dufour brand

Dufour 412

This 12-meter yacht is an improved version of the Dufour Grand Large 410 model

Dufour 430

New hull design – wink to Exclusive range

Dufour 470

When Dufour’s know-how re-invents itself to craft the sailing boat of tomorrow. This results in a 47-footer which is both beautifully designed and high-performance for incredible thrills

Dufour 310

This 9 meter-long weighted dinghy embodies Dufour’s passion for the sea.

Dufour 360

Dufour Yachts team keeps developing new models and presents the latest addition of the range, the Dufour 360 Grand Large.

Dufour 390

New hull design – wink to Exclusive range
The 390 Grand Large presents the next generation of Dufour Grand Large hulls.